Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Venting negative energy

I so hope you do not mind me sharing this here.
Please do not allow this story to bring you down, Or feel sorry for me. As this is temporary and will go away.
I share this in hope of helping my self and others.

When a situation is shared, like what I went through with my daughter the other day.

I chose to let what is happening in her life affect my life.
I thought I released it in the art work I did.
I vented to a friend and my other daughter.
But I let her negative situation hurt me. I have so little energy today.
I am trying to recover from shingles. This is the worst thing that has happen to me.
As it was so many days of sleep18-20 hours a day. pain and itch.
I think my amune system is not working.
But this is all a result of letting problems become my life. Rather than separate my life from the problem.
I was getting very good at just listening to my daughter.
And realizing it was not my life, but hers.
But that Mother instinct is stronger than me. When some one is hurting your child. you want to take control, protect them, etc.
The result is all the negative energy has damaged me. I was not strong enough physically to handle it.
It is only been 2 years of mental recovery for me. Working on regaining my mental health. I am very strong mentally now. But physical health is very hard to recover from.

I wish I had learned many years ago to deal with problems. To understand they are all temporary. And will go away. . I let worry. fear, morning, pre assumptions, control my life. They basically destroyed my life.
But this story has a good ending. I will recover. I will not let this hurt me any more.
You have to think positive to be positive.
You have to replace all negative thoughts, with gratitude.
Every day I look for something to be grateful for. .I can receive feeling of bliss from a beautiful sun set.
My goal for next year is bliss. with every thing and every one.
As this year I found joy, laughter, and happiness. with life.

Thank you for letting me share my heart here today.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Jill said...

You can share, let it all out here. You seem to have turned acorner in your positive thinking, but physical illness can drag you down. Take care of yourself - you body needs to sleep to heal - it will get better.

Denise said...

I love you, and I am praying for you.

Ms Hen said...

You do have a great attitude.

We all need to vent.

I'm sorry about the shingles.

I love the Gratitude approach.

Here is to bliss and serenity in 2010 and every day.. (hugs)

George said...

While I'm sorry to hear about your physical problems, I am very impressed with your attitude, especially the goal of seeking gratitude. If anyone can overcome this, I'm sure you can. We will certainly keep you in our prayers.

white_lilly said...

Sorry to hear about your shingles and problems you are having with your daughter. You know we can try so hard to cope with stress and problems in our lives and we can try to manage our emotions but what we really need is for God to put the peace that passes human understanding in our hearts. God has done all the work for you Ernie just let him in your heart and feel his peace. Have a lovely Christmas with your family and take care.


Melinda said...

I stopped by to wish you a wonderful holiday season Grammy! You are right about what you are saying here with how our emotions can evolve into physical ailments. So hang in there and take care of yourself! {{{{HUGS}}}}}}

Gail said...

You won! Please email your address and I will get the cards mailed tomorrow, Congratulations!

Gail said...

A shared load is lighter! Let it out. We are here.

Fire Byrd said...

This is the joy of HERE! we can vent and move on and feel better.
I do understand the Mother love stuff. It might be a burden sometimes but it's not one I'd swop. But sometimes just sometimes I need a break....
Wishing all your Christmas dreams come true