Sunday, December 6, 2009

yule log

This yule log painting is a gift for you from my grandson Jeremy. You can say he taught me something new.With that knowledge I created this painting.
It is done with a knife tool, changing the curvature. It looks like a trowel, and would be a tool used in oil painting. Kids are so smart.

So for my virtual gift to you my friends on this 6th day of Dec.
I share the above art and Pizza roll ups.

They look like the yule cake as in rolled up way, but they are a meal.

Bread dough home made or thawed from the freezer.

meat of your choice. Peperoni, cooked burger etc.
shredded pizza cheese
1 can tomato paste
and other ingredient you like (onion, green pepper, etc)
Italian season
teaspoon of sugar
a pinch of fennel is good.

roll out the dough in 1 large rectangle like 8x12
take the tomato paste and stir in the sugar, it cuts the tartness.
or use your favorite spaghetti sauce.
spread on to dough, use only enough to cover lightly , leaving a little more than an inch from outside edge of dough.
sprinkle season, meat, veggie, cheese.
start on the shortest side and roll up the dough
lay on a cookie sheet with all seems down, tuck under each end. cut diagonal slits to vent the top
get your hand wet with water and pat the top. sprinkle with a bit of salt.
cook in preheated oven at 375.
Check on it in 30-45 min depends on oven,
it is like cooking a loaf of bread
let set it a bit before slicing.

or make this in smaller individual sizes. like hot pockets.
You can change this in so many ways by changing what you put inside.
roast beef & cheese with a sprinkle of Italian dressing.
cooked chicken and veggie use a bit of soup for the sauce.
any thing you think would be good inside of bread.
just don't add to much liquid in sauce

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Gail said...

Thanks for both your gifts.

Gramma Ann said...

The picture of the seal is really cute. I love it. As far as my making my own pizza, it will never happen...LOL..I'm retired, I try to cook a little as possible. Hee, hee..

Denise said...

Thank your grandson for me.

George said...

I'm not sure who's smarter -- Jeremy or you. The art is wonderful, and the pizza roll-ups looks and sound delicious.

Son Neil said...

Blog wonderful

Here is the bloggers continued the all-new world now

I wish you a good time