Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It is 6:17 pm right now. And hubby is still asleep. This is when my mind wonders. When will he get up. He slept last night. And I went to bed at abt 3am. He got up. And Was asleep on the couch at noon, when I got up. He woke to go back to bed. I try not to let my mind think the worse.

Up date: he is up. :) and went back to sleep in less than 4 hours.  He does not say if any thing is wrong. He is still not talking much. And will now turn up the TV while I am speaking. So I give up. Will continue just accepting things are as they should be.

I have been keeping  my thoughts to virtual  travel . I have been watching video of Australia. Angela is on vacation there and putting up wonderful photos of her adventure. So I have enjoyed this very much. One man on Utube had a bus tour from Darwin to Perth. Then I watched his travel to France and China, I do not think I would want to visit those 2 country's.  But would love to go to India, Japan, Aussie, And a few others.


greekwitch said...

Hi honey! How are you? Retired husband syndrome? Could n't he seek help? What about antidepressants? If he does n't want that either you can always give hime a heavy Saint John's wort tea every day it will help! If you ever want to talk you know where to find me.
Blessed be!

Grammy said...

It is me experiencing the depression and RHS, Hubby is dealing with what may be end of life issues. And I am learning to deal with them. Thank you for your love and support.

greekwitch said...

That is far more scary. I meant it when i said i am here. These were n't just empty words. We may be a world away from each other but i always felt close to you. By the way i know a lot of people that were helped by a Saint John's wort supplement. It does n't produce more serotonin but it keeps the serotonin more in the system so, the levels get higher. I used to take antidepressants to treat bulimia, it did n't all but meditation on the other hand really really did.
Blessed be.

angela said...

Oh Hun I didn't know you were going through this, you know what men are like they need to pout and sulk and then they tell you what is wrong. All our fault by the way. I'm glad your enjoying "our" holiday together! Huge to you my friend <3