Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trash to treasure

I bought a used couch and recliner for only $100.00 total.
They are both in good condition.But the couch is so much cleaner looking.

The recliner needs to be cleaned. This is microfiber that covers it.
It is oil from your body or just wear that cause the darkness.
This is really only normal wear.
But regular material will not show use like this.
This type of material will let you know clean me.

 I did an experiment to see how well I can get microfiber clean.
Note:  not all microfiber is the same.
 Different products need to be cleaned differently.
That is why this chair did not work well with Alcohol.

The photo below shows color changes.
 This is a close up below of what I have tried and am trying. The right side I did last night. I used a wet wash cloth with Dawn orange antibacterial dish washing liquid. It did a good job DE-greasing but still no lighter in color. I then using the same cloth rinsed. I put baking soda directly on the chair arm and rubbed it all over. Then rinsed and rubbed again. Then covered it with a hand towel  and let it dry. It came out quite nice.  
Earlier today I saw a post on face book. Where they sprayed rubbing alcohol on it and rubbed it with a white sponge. Then used a scrub brush on it after it dried. The photo below shows some color change after 2 tries at the use of alcohol, sponge then scrub,  It was allot more work. And still not the same results.The alcohol is getting lighter as it sets to dry for a bit. 

                            This video will show more info on what I did.
After dawn and baking soda, it just need a few more
touch ups to look as good as the couch. 

 For now. I think the Dawn and baking soda will work better for heavy darkness . For light touch ups on the back of the chair the alcohol did work fine. 

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


angela said...

great find! Good job on the cleaning, once finished it will look fantastic

Anonymous said...

i tried a non metal nail file to brush up the fiber as seen on tv. it took a lil time but worked well

Joy Des Jardins said...

What a great deal Grammy. Once that recliner is fully cleaned, it will be wonderful. And that couch...really pretty. ~Joy

peppylady (Dora) said...

What a fine and I bet you could google something like "cleaning microfibers"
Keep us posted and the coffee is on.