Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Time for a funny

Hilarious house hold hint's from me :)
I have a friend in St. Louis who calls and asks so did you do your dishes tonight ? 
We use to motivate each other with these small reminders. But the other night I went into the kitchen to find the new dish pan I bought ,upside down on top of dirty dishes, on the counter. A light bulb went off in my head. I have got to call my friend C, What a funny ideal. So I called and I proceeded to tell her,  I know how to guarantee, you will never have another dirty dish in the sink again. She was like. REALLY! How? I told her to go buy a dish pan and sit it beside the sink. Then all the dishes will pile up in the pan.. :) Which leaves a clean sink. HAHAHA. She reply. Oh no, we will then have dish pan hands.  I don't remember the complete conversation. But we laughed so hard. And the dish pan was really a funny ideal. That lead to happy thoughts.

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


white_lilly said...

thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog, its been a long time. I love how you are always positive and so creative. I have a bit more time on my hands now so I can catch up on some of my favourite blogs,

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hey, that's one way to think about it Grammy. I'm all for whatever gives you happy're a fun person. ~Joy

peppylady (Dora) said...

I have better one...though all your dish out and eat out all the time.

Coffee is on.

angela said...

I don't mind washing dishes I hate drying them. So I leave them on the dish rack to drain themselves I tell myself it more hygienic that way! lol

Wendy said...

You make me laugh, Grammy! Have a fun day and don't get dishpan hands. LOL

Dorothy said...

What a cute blog! I'm close to being an empty nester myself. ;o)

Snowbrush said...

Maybe you're a victim of burnout. I used to clean house once a week. Now, it's once every two weeks. I used to keep my car clean and polished. Now, I have mold growing on it.