Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why raise Silkie chickens?

Because they are fun! They are like miniature chickens. Compare pot belly pigs to real pigs. One was meant to be a pet. I raised the white one from an egg. I had a full size rock/buff orphington  to go with him. But they both turned out to me roosters. The Buff names Izzy became too aggressive. He would chase the cat and pluck a few bits of fur from Silk. My other cat. Where Yokie is so sweet.
We found Willow to keep Yokie company. I could not find a younger female silkie. It took 3 month to know Yokie was a Roo. Willow is said to be about a year old. I did not realize she would be laying eggs right away. But she fits right in with the family.The cats even get along with her too.
These 5 eggs are the latest ones. They have a pink hue of color to them. They are small. Just a bit smaller than what you buy in the grocery store. She lays one every other day. So if you were to want the eggs for food. You need 2 hens to get  1 egg per a day.
 Yokie started out almost full white in color. He now has a brass red color. A black or blue feather here and there. Some feathers look more brown than red. So he is turning into a calico colored Rooster. He is a frizzle. Cochin Silkie mix. I look forward to see what he looks like when matured.
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angela said...

Love chickens. They have so much personality. The eggs may be small but I bet they taste amazing

My Mom, Nita, has A.L.S. said...

I've wondered why people choose Silkies. There cute for sure. I can't butcher my girls they are laying hens and will die laying hens right here. Perhaps in the future I may adventure and obtain some for butcher, I don't know. I tend to lean toward raising to sell. The killing process bothers me after I've fed and named an animal. I know I'm a terrible homesteader. But I never claimed to be one, I'm just living life.
Ozark Mountain Girl