Sunday, December 6, 2015

Wry neck in Silkie chicken

I never expected a crash course in chicken issues when I put that first egg in an incubator. First it was the spraddle legs issue with Fedora and the other chick.

Now Parker has what is called (Wry Neck (sometimes called Crook Neck or Stargazing) The exact cause of the condition can vary, from genetics to a head injury.It can be  vitamin E or selenium deficiency, in the chick or from the parent.
The chick can turn its head around and fall to the ground at any sudden imbalance or scare. I will add a video to show how fast this happens.

I have added Vitamin E in the form of broccoli and crushed raw sunflower seeds.  Also crushed Selenium pills. As tuna is quite expensive to give allot of it to the bird. And I am a bit afraid that it may contain mercury toxins if I feed to much to it. It is a shame we have to fear the food we eat.

I am on day 7 of trying to help it. I will not give up. They say a week to 10 days. I find it comes out the the what I call sizer like episodes. The wist day it was more than 12 house of sleep for the poor baby. Now it is a few min to a hours or so. I have hope. It will get better.

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