Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank you Mark

Marks post on Jan 8 had the most perfect words for the collage I did on the 7th of Jan. His blog The Naked soul is full of wisdom. And he is full of love.
He shares his spirit with the world. And is a blessing to many.
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Title is Treat your self like a Queen.
This is what my writing on the page says.

I was reading today and found the perfect words to write in my Healing art journal for this page.

It is through self love that we will make true and sustained change in our daily lives
When we love ourselves enough to make the changes we truly desire to make .
We raise our level of awareness and open the doors of consciousness, that were blocked by thinking.
Our thoughts, allow and justified unwanted and unhealthy habits.
When this happens we create incredible opportunities to re-discover our true being.
We have to understand that we are not really sacrificing who we are.
We are only sacrificing is a false self that is ruled by surface ego.
From M. tns

My thoughts on this spontaneous collage. were

For me I have acceptance of self. But I can not say I love my self.
I feel I have control of ego. I no longer let it rule my life.
But in keeping with this collage only.
I see the Queen represents me.
I see her as having Self-esteem. As she is a person of power. She has wisdom and knowledge. ( I think I do)
She makes laws and hopes others follow. (mom, grandma, wife has this power)
She loves wildlife. ( so do I. )
The eagle represents strength, courage, and power. (I need to work more on mine.)
She control's people. (I do not.) I believe in live and let live. I found inner peace by letting go of control. You can not change any one but your self.
The symbol hidden in the tree branches represents. positivity. It is my goal to not let any negativity in my thoughts control or rule my life any more.
The orange and orange juice represent health and sun shine. I need more of both of them.
The wings represent the new me who is free to fly in my mind.
You can see more of my healing Journal here.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Fire Byrd said...

Well I had to read this post twice, as I couldn't work out why an American was being ruled by the Queen.....
Lesson here read slower and pay attention

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Beautiful words to ponder over.

Have a greatly blessed day!!!

Mark said...

I am truly honored by your reflection and use of some of my words. You have expressed yourself with grace, eloquence and most of all love. I love the symbols that you chose to use. I am blessed to have you as a part of my life. Thank-you for sharing all that you do with us. Hugs!

Melinda said...

I am just amazed Grammy with all your artwork, creations, and how you have developed in such a short time!