Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Chapter 1 The book of my life

This is a family history photo. It contains My Mom's parents. some siblings There home and cars. Her moms parents. And her moms grandparents.And 2 small photos are there home.Her dads grandparent are the ones in the circle photo. I do not have a photo of his parents.
Who would have ever thought this little girl holding on to the post. Would one day give birth to me. Her Mom is rocking away in her chair enjoying the day. There homestead is located on the top of Williams mountain, in West Virginia. The title to the place said He paid $100.00 and 2 oxen to Mr. Williams for the land be built his home on. They lived the tough but simple life of farming and her dad was a coal miner. They had an orchard with apples and peaches.During the depression they had a store at the road side of the property. My Aunt told me one day the law came a calling and asked my Uncle Charlie. Wheres your paw. He was a kid and knew know better. So he took them off into the woods. Next thing ya know. Gun shots were flying. My grandpa hid out for days. Then he snuck back to the house for food and needed medical attention . He was shot in the knee. But little did he know some one was camped out near the house. And he spent some time in jail for Moon shining.
She said uncle Charlie got a licking.

In June of 1960 this little girl names "P" gave birth to me. Her father died soon after my birth. She was 20 years old. And did not know what to do with me. So my grandma raised me. While she still lived in the same house.She had a job at a restaurant cooking hot dogs for a little while. In July of 1964. Her friend from down the road asked her if she would like to go out on a date with one of her little brothers. She said he loved her from afar and wanted to marry her. So she agreed. They went out and the next day they were married at his house.

That night we were packed and on the road to St. Louis Mo.
The car contained my parents and new grandparents and there youngest daughter.
Who was maybe 9 years old.
All I can remember of this was. It was night time, and my new dads mom lost her lit cigarette in the car. So we stopped to find it. My new Aunt Lois. turned around from the front seat . She said you better quit bitting your nails, or they will be like mine.
So I know I have been biting my nails since at least age 4.
In the year 2000 my step dad told me..when he married my mom.He said to her, that "I was coming with them to St. Louis.. As it was not right to leave me behind.

So he is the reason I have the life I have now.

My grandmother loved me. I am told uncle Charlie hid me and they had to get the law to get me back. He was my moms brother and loved me too.
So I was taken from a very diffrent, but loving family.

The first few years were ruff on me.
We all lived in the top of a 2 family flat in St. Louis City. My dad later told me he watched as they connected the center of the St. Louis arch together, from the front yard, where we were living..
I had no Ideal the arch is newer than me.
I remember our first night there . I fell though the middle of 2 twin beds pushed together. it was dark. And my new dad saved me.
Some time in the next year we moved to the house in the photo below. It had 1 bedroom a kitchen and the front porch was the living room.
I had a cot to sleep in.
I had to go to kindergarten 2 times because my mom did not take me to school enough the first year.
The first summer we lived at this house, I went swimming in a cow trawl type of round pool. With the 2 kids below, they lived next door. When I went home wet, boy did I get beat, My mom hit me till I got sick and even harder for making a mess.. I never again did any thing wrong. EVER again!

When I was 6, I was left at a neighbors home. I looked out of her window and saw all of our things being removed from the house . I had no clue what was happing.
So I started crying. Next thing I know I am at the apartment of Aunt Nore in St. Louis city. This is the first place we stayed. When we moved to Missouri.
When I got there I remembered . She is the one who lived at the top of allot of steps. I had a few traumatic memory's already from this place. Her son Greggy bit me. And I remember walking down her hall and seeing the bath room door open. My youngest Aunt who was a 9 years old, at the time was in the tub with all the other kids. They were like "jump in". I I screamed "NO WAY ! " Theres a turd in the watter." I ran down the hall saying. Greggie pooped in the water. Yuck! So with having these memories fresh in my mind. I was not happy. She put me in a big room with a big bed. There was a wall that was open like a hall behind it.It reminded me of a secret passage way. I was really scared. And thinking why did they give me away?

I had no clue why my parents moved away with out me. Needless to say Aunt Patsy got me next. Then Aunt Dean. Her house was fun. And She explained I would see my parents again. So I stopped whining or what ever I was doing to have people get ride of me. Her daughter and I collected golf balls in the back yard. And I can remember her mom yelling at her for flushing them down the toilet.

It seemed like months went buy. And one day she took me to this house and left me with Aunt Judy. Boy she was mean. She locked us in the basement and I remember we had to pee in the sewer drain. Then finally, My parents were at that house. And turned out my mom had a baby. So this was my new brother. And the house was our new home.
But before you know it, My mom ,new brother and me were in West Virginia again.
I can remember the fireplace was open between the living room and bed room. You could see right through it. Grandma cooked on a coal stove. And they pulled a tub into the kitchen for me to take a bath. There was an out house behind the house and a well with a bucket to pull water up in. I can remember a water puddle in the drive going past my uncles home. It was made by a tire from a car. This puddle had frog eggs in it.
My aunt Macil told me I put the eggs in my pocket and my mom was going to whoop me. But she stopped it. because she let me do it. I can remember going to the laundromat with my Aunt.
There was a man with hair hanging off his belt.
She said he was an Indian and scalped people. So I believed her. As she too is a Cherokee Indian.
I can remember going for a walk in the coal mines with my uncle Charlie. We found a doll that was black from soot. It was missing some fingers and legs below the knees. I so wanted to keep it but my mom did not let me bring it back with us. I also remember Uncle Lonie and his wife Susie May came over and she gave me a locket. I was sitting on Uncle Lonies lap and my mom asked me to come here. She took me out side and told me to quit acting like a little whore. I was not to sit on any ones lap. I did not know what the word was at that time. But I do now. I have no ideal how long we were there.
2b continued in chapter 2

At age 5 we were living in the house above. Top right.
The 2 boys were the neighbors. bottom right.
The boy in bottom left is my brother at a latter date.
And the girl is me. Age 5. The doll is one the neighbor gave age 4.
Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.Photobucket


Fire Byrd said...

What an astonishing start to your life. Makes for compulsive reading. It must have taken a long time to come to terms with.

Gail said...

A shared load is always lighter. Tell it, tell it loud and then let it go and you will become free from the pain.

I cry for you but am also sending healing thoughts that the telling will heal your wounds.

Grammy said...

Thank you both and every one to come. Please remember. I am ok now. That is why I can write this story now. So it is released to the wind. I am free of the baggage now.
But also be prepared for more. This is only the first 6 years of 49

Mark said...

A very interesting start to your life. It is amazing how easy many of us had growing up in comparison and how it would be difficult for many to imagine their life today being anything remotely like you experienced. I have a feeling that you learned many lessons through all of this.

Jill said...

Thank you for sharing your story Grammy, I feel privileged to read it.

Wendy said...

It takes courage to write your story. Keep writing, Grammy. And thank you for sharing.

Melinda said...

bittersweet memories here the old photos