Thursday, September 25, 2008


We drove to the Dutch country store to buy what was advertised as
"Waverly Mo. apples $11.99 a bushel". And this is what we got. There are stickers on the apples. and on the box you can see in small print product coated with food grade vegetable, mineral, or lack-resin based wax. Buy looking they are 2nd rate with the spots on them. I do not mean this to be a complaint.

It just makes me feel like there not farm fresh.
And wonder if they have pesticides on them.

When you go to a Mennonites store you think you are buying home grown fresh fruit and veggies.


Wendy said...

Oh yeah, I am disappointed in our fruits and vegs too at some of the "farmer's markets". Some of them sell bananas! Well, they certainly don't grow here in Canada!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am an empty nester too - but with grandkids, so it's not as bad as it was before. I did have a very hard time letting my children go. I still (sometimes) ask my 30something son if he has warm gloves to wear in winter. He smiles and his wife just chuckles. LOL.

white_lilly said...

I have been disappointed sometimes. You have to be careful and ask the seller questions. When at the local farmer's markets a while ago one seller said some of the produce was his own but the other he brought from the commercial markets.

Grammy said...

Hi Wendy thanks for posting what you have learned. I have grandkids too. But my family is over 160 miles away so I do not get to enjoy them as much as I did. But I cherish every minute I get with them.
Hi Lilly, Thanks for the advice. I will ask more questions before I buy next time.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a bummer. I wish we had more pick your own farms around here. Then at least you know the produce you are buying is freshly picked. :)