Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall is here

Today starts out quite foggy, I can hear a loud crash and running across the roof, It must be walnut time. I go out side and find my cat looking up at the tree

Next thing you see is the squirrel grab a walnut and jump to the roof he makes it to the top before I can even get the photo. Next I hear another noise and its another squirrel to the right side of the roof. This one is in the pecans. So it will be quite a noisy day today.
And I will have to wait my turn for the left overs they drop. Nuts are up to $8.00 in the stores so I want to keep and freeze as many as I can.

This is my only pumpkin this year. it's small but cute.
My oldest daughter and her family are here this weekend for the Antique steam engine and tractor show. This will be quite a fun event for the whole family I will post pictures.And I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Carla said...

We used to have both walnuts and pecan trees, I didn't appreciate them, now I miss those nuts!