Saturday, September 13, 2008

fun in the garden

The grandsons came for a week of fun in June.

Oh what fun it was to have the grandson's come to visit this summer.We enjoyed simple fun. They played on the sip and slide. Ran threw The tall field grass. Jumped and ran threw the mud puddles. I hung a tether ball from the beam in the kitchen.
It is so much fun to have them for a visit..

This is the end result of my tomatoes in a bucket
now it time to put the garden to rest
I used early girl tomatoes.They started out better than the ones in the ground. I picked my first tomato from them. But they were very unproductive. Some buckets never produced one tomato. All were small in size. And they were first to go brown in leaves.They did not have any bug problems. But stems were thick and cracked places when we had to much rain, I covered the whole and slowed the water intake that helped. But I had no Ideal what the things sticking out on branches were at the time. But I believe they are new roots. trying to grow. Because of the high amount of rain we had this summer. I only had to water maybe 3 times the full summer.
I will try this again next year with a diffrent type of tomato.

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Carla said...

I ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THAT IS! Roots! you can start new plants from them. How smart to enjoy the grands! My grandma (my most favorite person while growing up) was simple fun. Rarely spent money on me, and loved me beyond belief! The photo in the grass, the photo in the puddle, THOSE are what memories are made of!