Monday, September 8, 2008

My root's

This was where I was raised till I was 4 years old. The picture was taken before I was born.This is my Mom's family homestead on top of Williams mountain, in West Virginia. My roots grow deep in farming. Most my ancestors were farmers or coal miners. I lost both my Grandfathers to black lung. Even thought they both were farmers they still had to work the coal mines to support all the kids.

This is my Grandma's dad. And his homestead in Lincoln co.

This is my Great-great grandmas Homestead in Lincoln county Wv.

As you can see from my past I have country in my blood. I love to go back and visit. Time stands still back there. It is time now for me to learn what I missed out on. Yep I want to be a farmer. On a small scale. But I want to know my food was raised with love and respect. I want to do away with waist full things. Live the simple life of the past.
This was a visit back in 2000. My Aunt is the only one left on the homestead now.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Love your old pictures!

Carla said...

How marvelous to have these clear old pictures! Isn't it wonderful to know where you come from and be able to appreciate it?