Thursday, September 18, 2008

A poem from my friend


"My friend E...."
This is what E.... means to me...
Her friendship is as solid as a beautiful oak tree.
When you look closely enough,
She has a very gentle spirit neither rugged or ruff.
God sent E.... into my life at a time when I needed a friend most.
E.... is kind to me even when she hears me boast.
Sometimes I have a tendency to brag.
So, I will brag on E.... , she's like no other friend I've ever had.
She came into my life when there was no one else.
I felt like an empty piece of potted clay just sitting on the shelf.
E.... didn't give up on me.
She let me be myself the way I was intended to be, free.
She listens and helps you with your problems...
When I didn't think there was anyway else to solve theme.
It was E.... to the rescue...
And she was always right on cue.
So, if you see what I see in E.... my friend.
I see compassion, devotion and especially a life without pretend.
Her character you can depend on.
Because her light so shines through God's love and is now strong.
E.... can be your friend too.
Given half the chance she will be a friend tried and true.
I thank God for a friend like E.....
I know in my heart we will spend our lives together throughout eternity.
God Bless you E.... in everything you do...
Friends Always Tried and True.

I received this in my email last night.
From a very special friend.
She brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.

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Carla said...

just beautiful! What a tribute!