Thursday, September 11, 2008

Whats happening #1

Today I went to the foot Dr. With Jerry he has Plantar Fasciitis in his right foot. Where a ligament is over stretched or torn in the heal. When left untreated it creates a calcium deposit called a heal spur. He had a cortisone shot. Now we have to find an arch support for his shoes.We went to Aldies while we were in that town. It is 30 miles away so we stock up. We bought cases of veggies, And some dry box goods. I was shocked when we spent near $100. 00 there. Veggies in a can went from .33c to .45. I know prices are going up every where. But what are we going to do, when we are in town and not allowed to raise our own chickens.Our garden did not do so well. I spent allot of m0ney on top soil, cow manure, seed, plants. etc But with all the rain I was only able to freeze and save corn on cob. I made a dozen Jars of nectarine jelly. Dehydrated some zucchini & green peppers. I so hope we get the place in the country next Aug. I will have a larger garden there. And be free of government rules on what to do in your own yard.

I love this one of my grandson splashing in the mud.
Most parents would get up set.
No big deal to Grammy the cloths were easy enough to wash.
And what simple fun we had.
Kids today do not get out and do things like this any more.Yes thats me
Me servingball & dylan

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Carla said...

FUN! I too, recently went shopping and was SHOCKED! Blessings to you and your husband, and yea for just enjoying those grandkids! (I have many fond memories of my kiddos and mud puddles-whether I oked it or no:)