Monday, September 22, 2008

recycling plastic

How creative is this. They took 50 gallon drums and placed them on old dollies and turned them into fun for the kids. click on the pictures to enlarge.
The boy in blue shirt is my grandson.

Picture was taken at the tractor show. In Eldon , Mo. The train engine is a lawn tractor. Made to look like a train.

This year I used empty Icing buckets that were headed for the trash at my local grocery store. I cut a 2 inch hole in top and bottom and placed 4 coffee filter in the bottom. They were cut to go around the stem. I held the plant while placing dirt in bucket. So that 3-4 inches were covered by soil. I used potting soil mixed with peat moss & grass clippings. We bought 3 4x4's to make the frame to hold them. There is room to add 2 more buckets. And if we add to the out side it will hold more.

In this picture I have a empty soda bottle hanging from the tree. I cut a hole in it and added a peace of PVC pip for the birds to stand on and eat seed from the bottleNext summer I want to try planting some of my plants in double 5 gallon pails like on this video. I found this video on Green Roof Growers Also check out Inside Urban Green
This site will show you how to use empty soda bottles to propagate plants.
I am going to try it to see if i can keep my seed starts alive for next year.


white_lilly said...

Hi Ernie,
What a great idea for recycling the plastic drum. I have a few of them lying around i might give it a go and make one up for my granddaughter. Thanks:)

Carla said...

How green! (quite the popular term now days:), love your trees, the train looks fun, as does the hay ride, and did the animals to pet (and drool over), and upside down tomatoes!

Carla said...

I can not believe I missed this video!!! Thank you so much for linking me up:)