Wednesday, September 24, 2008


They can discourage harmful pests without losing the beneficial insects.

I planted them around the corn, Broccoli, tomatoes, cabbage, & cucumbers, They seem to work for the corn & tomatoes the best. I saw no sign of the tomato horn worm this year in my garden.Last year they destroyed my corn.


I planted these every where. I fail to read the size of the diffrent types. The ones I planted by the tomatoes are as tall as the tomato plants.

French Brocade Marigold has the added benefit of nematode suppression because its roots emit a substance that repels nematodes in the immediate area.

Sweet Basil:
Grow is said to repel aphids, mites, and mosquitoes. Basil acts as a fungicide and can slow the growth of milkweed bugs.
I planted it with the Broccoli, cabbage & NASTURTIUMS.
Next year I will plant it by my Tomatoes It is said to (improve growth & flavor)

My garden protectors.
Reba & Crash
They keep out unwanted moles and critters. These 2 are something else. They chase and kill crickets, grass hoppers. Locust. And just about any thing that moves. My old cats in the city were not like this. They are true country cats.

I spread used coffee grounds in the garden to keep my cats from digging in the soil. Ground coffee is high in nitrogen so it is good for the plants also.
It is said that coffee has the ability to help suppress late blight. Also it can help reduce the ravages of slugs and snails.


white_lilly said...

I have read a lot about companion planting but haven't done anything as yet about it except plant basil near my tomato plants.
I love your two furry little friends Reba and Crash

Jean said...

Thank you for stopping by! I don't have a vegetable garden but find your information very interesting. I'd sure like to keep cats from digging in my garden! We would love to have you join us for Bloomin' Tuesday. Click the button on my sidebar for buttons for your blog and all information. Jean

Wendy said...

Very interesting. I do mostly container gardening because our soil is so sandy. I enjoyed reading all your helpful hints. And will put my coffee grounds in the garden from now on!

Grammy said...

Hi Lilly NASTURTIUMS & Marigolds made a big difference in the amount of bug damage in my garden. You should try them if they are in you area.
Hi Jean, I will stop by and try your Blooming Tuesday ideal. Thanks.

Hi Wendy, Don't over do the coffee. Just add a bit here and there. And if you have allot. use it in the yard. and a little in the containers with add fertilizer to the plants. research the benefits on the Internet further. It is amazing what compost , tea, and other organic things can do for your garden. I will post more in other posts.