Friday, September 26, 2008

Its here

I received my Oct-Nov issue of Mother earth news magazine yesterday. And they did print my picture of Uncle Quacker. I did not get paid for this it was just an honer that they picked my pictures as an editors pick. 3 days ago I received another email from them that my Antique tractor show pictures made editors pick. Wow that makes 3 collections of my pictures picked.
I really like this magazine. But I like the web site better. You can learn so much there. Like on the picture below my duck, shows a garden done with bags of top soil.
When I first read about doing this on there web site I thought how tacky. Then I thought there is no benefit for the plant in the bag. But after seeing this picture. I thought that don't look that bad with all the mulch. You could also cover the bag with mulch so it is not seen. Also you could add compost and manure or peat to the bag to give the plants good soil and make then organic. After those thoughts I feel I may try this next year. It would make an easy no did garden. I would be good for people with hard clay like we have here and there in my yard. It would be an easy way to expand my garden with out digging.
OK I guess I sold my self on the Ideal. But would it be cheaper to use potting soil ? I will have to see. So next year I will try the bags like this, and the self watering 5 gallon buckets. Like on the recycling blog I wrote. This may turn me into a container gardener.
This would be cheaper than having a truck load of dirt brought in. Dirt is like gold here in mid Missouri. We have a high rock table. My friends mom had to hire a backhoe to plant a pear tree in her yard. My yard is not as bad as hers. But we flood.

This is a picture from my kitchen window today

This is a picture of what the birds are looking at.
We have baby bull frogs in the water.We keep a board in there in case any thing falls in.
I started doing this after I found a squirrel swimming
for its life in a free standing pond I had in St. Louis.
It also helps the birds to get water.
So you can call it my wild life tub.
Click here to see my photo collection.


Wendy said...

Nice pics. Lucky you to have them chosen for Mother Earth magazine!
Will check it out - online.
Tks for sharing.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats on having your pictures chosen for Mother Earth News. What an honor. YOu must have real talent :)
I like your wildlife tub, too.

I'm leaning more toward container gardening for my first garden next Spring. Our mountains are full of large boulders and rocks, sticking right out of the ground.
I tried to put in a pond last Fall and only found one place next to the house to dig, and it's not ideal, but works for now.

I hope the container gardening is successful for me, too.


Carla said...

I like your board idea, I made sure we had something to climb out on when son brought tiny kittens home this year (bad habit of his, keeping them is mine:). I love Mother Earth News, but cant afford it now, thank you for the 'reminder' its online (duh)!! What an honor to be recognized! Yea you!