Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I found a blog today where they live on the French alps. It was so awesome. It made me Think of where I was born in West Virginia. The homestead is on top of Williams mountain. I know I could never live there. It is such a hard life for my Aunt who is the last one left on the family place. She has my cousin down the road from her. But what a drive it is to get to the store. Up and down the roads. The coal trucks had broke the edges of the road so bad, last time I was there. It was scary you had to stay to the right and worry of on coming cars, for fear of going off the edge of the road.
The first day I was back there, my Aunt and I were up before the sun looking for air to breath. The fog was every where. It was not till about 10:00 that the fog lifted. Then it was easier to breath. To this day she has to cut firewood & hall coal in to heat the house all winter.
I have another Aunt in Ripley Wv. She is near 80 and the most wonderful person you would ever meet. She lives in what they call a holler. She is on a small amount of flat ground between 2 mountains. I love it there. The mountains seem to protect you. She has a creek that runs past the other side of the road. And a chipmunk that comes up to the porch and begs for bread scraps.
Time has a way of standing still in West Virginia. It is wonderful to visit. But I think I do like it here in Missouri. We have hill almost as big as small mountains. We have the lake of the Ozarks not far from us. There are views here almost as nice as the ones in Arkansas.

Missouri Views

This was March 08 with the lack of trees you can kinda see the views.

This would be a hill.

This is fun on the lake in July 08

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Carla said...

There is beauty and drawbacks where ever you are-huh? Guess thats why that saying 'bloom where you are planted' is so popular!