Sunday, September 14, 2008

To much rain

The cat's Have had a hard day of sleep.

The rain is pouring down. It is almost up to the door again. This summer we had to use sand bags to keep the water out of the house. We have a high rock table here so water takes a while to go away.

This was taken last march I added the cat & boat for fun
Some times you have to do thing like this to make them look not so bad.

My work,My cat


Anonymous said...

Hope you all stay dry! We've had a lot of rain here too, but we're no where near that bad!!

Grammy said...

It is a combination of all the rain & the ground we sit on. We have done allot to try and keep water out of the house. We had a load of minus rock brought in. and placed it around the house to push watter back from craw space. Here dirt is like gold hard to come buy.