Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Seed saving

I am learning to save my seed for next year. This is from an heirloom tomato my daughter brought to me Saturday. My tomatoes did not do well this year so I will not try to save any seed from them other than a grape tomato. it was very prolific. But not sure that the taste was so good. I will save the seed and see if it is better next year.
first yesterday I removed the seeds and placed in this bowl I added some water. Next I will cover it with a paper town and let it set 3-4 days. I will post a picture then along with what to do next.

On my beans and green peppers.
Beens I let get brown on the vine and removed the seed from the shell.
Peppers I removed seeds before use and placed in a open jar to dry.

Today while drying my hands I had a close call with a brown recluse. He was on the towel. But I was able to squish him be fore he got to me. They can be very bad if you are bit by them You will need to go to the hospital.

We have the wolf spider that look some what like him. I have a picture here. of one in my garden. They mostly kill bugs.


Anonymous said...

Okay, that spider just gave me the chills!! :/ Sometimes, I'm very happy to be a Michigander! ;)

white_lilly said...

I like your idea on saving your seeds, I have saved pumpkin and cucumber seeds from last year I'm hoping they will take.
Do you get many of those spiders around your place? they sound dangerous if you have to go to hospital if one bites you. Here in Australia we have red backs and funnel webs which can kill you

Grammy said...

At a glance it is hard to tell if it is a wolf or brown recluse. There are lots of wolf here. And could be plenty of recluse. I have seen pictures of bites. Where your skin will turn black.
If you are up to the bad pictures search for brown recluse bites.