Saturday, September 6, 2008

Starting life over.

I am now an empty nester who has moved from the suburbs of St. Louis to a small town in mid Missouri. I am learning to live the country life. I have always gardened in an organic manner. But I am learning to can and dehydrate food. It is not easy to change your life style in mid stream. At first it was very hard to do. I missed my family, friends, & my old home. Now after 2 years it is getting a bit easier. I am learning how to be a positive happy person. I also have made a few new friend here. I have made peace with my self. I know I can keep in touch with my good friends. I cherish every minute I get to spend with my family and friends.
I now have a goal to get a place out side of town. I went to a back tax sale on Aug 25. 2008, and won the bid on a place with 5+/- acres . I hope I can keep it , I have to wait 1 long year to see if the past owner will redeem it. This is a picture of the property. It is the one in the middle.

My dream is to live here and fix up the place. I want to raise free range chickens and eggs on the property. This place needs lots of work. But I love the feeling I get just sitting in the yard. It is a bit like my old home. I felt so much peace and joy in my garden in St. Louis. It was like heaven on earth there. I would watch the red tale hawk fly by with a blue jay at the end of his tail. The cats played and chased most things that moved. Or they would just lay around sleeping most the day. We had racoon's who knocked on the sliding glass door. There was a family of red fox's when we were moving out.I saw them crossing the driveway, and 1 pup stopped and looked at me like. Hay this is my yard what are you doing here.
I collected hostas. I had over 250 diffrent types. I brought some to this house. But no where near the amount I had in St. Louis.

This is a picture of the front of the house we hope we will get to live in.

I just love all the stone. It has a great porch where you could sit and have coffee while the sun rises in the east.. The addition to the right is the kitchen.
It has a living room dinning combo. one bedroom on main level with a bath in hall. upstairs is one large room. Basement is omg. Not as bad as it could be. The house has wood heat. But I have 2 solar panels from my friend in St. Louis that I will use here.
With having the basement though there is hope to put a real furnace in this house.
At this time it is only a dream what we can do there.

Our old home in St. Louis


Carla said...

I see why you miss your old house, you made it a home! I hope you get your little farm! The house is just too cute, and WOW all the property! Keep us posted!

sailorcross said...

Oh!! I always wanted a home with a front porch I could sit on in a rocker with a book or some knitting!! And all that space--just spectacular!!

Can I come visit you? I promise I will help to clean, declutter, paint, anything!!!