Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hay Carla this was fun

Carla did a search for her name . and I thought I will try it.
So I google me:

I thought I would just find me if I searched my name. What a surprise
I was no where to be found. Humm could it be I do not like my name and go by Ernie?

I found first Lily Tomlin's
As the telephone operator. from the tv show LAUGH-IN/NBC/1968-73
I love tv in those days. I did not even realize She had my name.
was lily again with her phone ringie dingy.
Ernestine Louise Rose (January 13, 1810 – August 4, 1892) was an Individualist Feminist, abolitionist, freethinker, She was one of the major intellectual forces behind the women's rights movement in nineteenth-century America.

I am a free thinker but this is not me. I have fought city hall and won! Changed the law in Breckenridge hills So the inspector can not enter your property at will with out a warrant. Had major influence on the Mayor loosing re election. And helped the new mayor win.
was video to watch Lily
Ernestine Ruben is internationally known through extensive exhibitions, books, and workshops
Most of her life has been focused on art.
I do love art. Wish I would have been an artist. love graphics. Did enough family research to write several books. But this is not me.
Ernestine Anderson."A voice to make more heralded singers weep with envy.
Oh you do not want to here me sing!
Ernestine L. Susmond Potowski Rose (1810-1892) Human rights include the rights of all, not only man, but woman, not only white but black; where ever there is a being called human, There rights are as full and expressive as there existence, and ought to be without limits or distinction of sex, country, or color..." - Hartford Bible Convention, Hartford, CT, 1853.
I to believe in human rights. And will stand up for some one. But alas this is not me.
Ernestine Wiedenbach was an early nursing leader who is probably best known for her work in theory development and maternal infant nursing. She wrote with Dickoff and James, a classic article on theory in a practice discipline that is still used today when studying the evolution of nursing theory. Ms. Wiedenbach was born into an affluent family in 1900 and was brought up in a refined and gentile manor. Her family immigrated from Germany
Some of my ancestors are from Germany. nursing is not something I would do. I could be a veterinarian though.
Ernestine Whitman Professor of Music Lawrence Conservatory faculty since 1978. She has distinguished herself as teacher, solo recitalist, professional orchestral player, and chamber musician.
I love music! would love to learn to play. but I can not even read music. :(
I made sure my girl's could. Amy was a base player and was asked to join a symphony with her high school teacher. Tessa was a viola player. And both can play a guitar.
As a kid I wanted to play a flute.
# 9
Musice tracks to here Noir D├ęsir » Tracks Ernestine (4:58)
I listened to the track top right of page, Wow bold moving music. Sang by a man
was again Lilly so I moved on to
Grouch v. Ernestine could this be me?
No they are comparing grouchy operators to lilly.
on page 11 #6
No I am not a grouchy phone operator. But I could be a bit grouchy at times..

Ernestine Ulmer quote “Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first.”

Oh this could be me. Or my twin. I will eat desert first !

I found a link to names. you have to click on this link. 1960 was when the name had it's lowest and last rating. Go figure. That was the year I was born. I was the last to receive the name.

The girl's name Ernestine \e-rnesti-ne, er-nes-tine\ is pronounced er-ness-TEEN. It is of Old German origin, and its meaning is "serious; battle to the death". Feminine form of Ernest.

Ernestine has 7 variant forms: Earnestine, Erna, Ernaline, Ernesha, Ernesta, Ernestina and Ernestyna.

All these people are smart, funny, talented, They stand up for there beliefs. Help others.
So Maybe the name dose fit me.
But I would rather be called Erna I could live with that.
As it is when I say Ernie is my name. People look real hard to see if I am a guy in transition.

This was fun maybe you should search your name and see if it fits you.


Denise said...

This was fun.

Renee said...

This was great! Lots of people with your name. Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

George said...

What a great post. I'm going to have to try this!

Wendy said...

Yeah, it was fun. Where's the new baby????

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Grammy, Isn't it crazy what all can be found on the internet???? I start looking for one thing--and find something else, and head off in another direction. I can spend hours and hours looking up stuff like this.

peppylady said...

I did a little spin on my given name "Dora" the 1st one is "Dora the explorer"

Let see they also a Dora Baghdad it suburb of southern part of Baghdad.

There a town called Mount Dora in Florida.

Dora Olivo is a state representative of Texas.

Dora Carrington a famous English painter.

I guess their not to may famous of my given name.

Coffee is on.

Gail said...

I love to look things up!
I loved Lily too.
Wonder why they have no reruns of that show. I know we can look it up!

Carla said...

Love how the REAL Ernie is strong and powerful! SO you:)