Sunday, January 18, 2009

My brain has a hard drive.

Last night I started out saying hi to some of you. I clicked on a link to another person in some ones comments to see there blog, this led me to This amazing painting of a St. Petersburg cathedral in Russia I was in Awe ! All the detail. All the craftsmanship. As I looked at the photo of the painting , I thought," I would love to see this in person. I love art. I love the Victorian days of detail". I forgot that way back then Europe is full of detail. I had no Ideal Russia would go to the top of my list as a place I would love to see. So I took a virtual vacation to this this country last night. I so enjoyed it.The painting and photos both touched my soul. And left me in a state of enlightenment.

After looking at great photos for hours on the link below. I had to stop.
All this started my brain working over time.

I had to write all this down as my brain is like a computer it loves input. I love to learn. But I must need to defrag my brains hard drive to organize my thoughts. Then a disk clean up to get rid of my corrupted files. Then I thought , My brain needs an external hard drive as I keep loosing my floppies.. I can just use floppy disk to store negative thoughts and problems." I don't mind loosing them at all". But If I start writing things down for safe keeping. Maybe, I will have a great operating system. As in my brain will then be good again.
I wish I had this desire as a kid. I was in 10 th grade and so loved art. I went to visit the graphic arts class at North Co tech. I loved it but "It was not the type of art I wanted to explore then". I went a week each to diffrent classes. And I assume this helped me to be eclectic I could use both my head and body back then. I had a week in Auto mechanics. "I rebuilt a 350 engine block". I liked using the sand blaster the most. to smooth out the valves or ? don't remember what.This was a form of artistic craftsmanship I took a week in small electronics. A week in Airframe and power mechanics. "I did not get to do any thing but watch in that class". I was in small engine. And of all the classes I went to visit "I picked Offset lithography". It was mechanical, artistic, use of cameras & photo development, printing, bindery . It offered a bit of what I thought I wanted to learn . But I never used this to earn a living. As I always made more money in sales or management. Only 1 person in our class made a living and stayed with it .

I was lucky I had the ability to teach too. My oldest Amy was a book worm it was read me this. My grandson Jeremy is like this too. But in high school Amy exceeded the master. She took college level calculus in the 11 th grade. She came home with an attitude of "where do I go for help if I am smarter than in one here?" Her teacher was not a teacher but a person who said do it. So it was the first class she ever failed. When she went to collage though. Where she did not fail. She had good teachers. And she did well. As she was hired as a chemical engineer with out going to chem tech. She passed all the test that was required of her to know to get the job.

So I guess I accomplished something in this life. I have looked for the answer to" What is my purpose ?" "Why am I here?" So I need to find the answers.
"What will they say at my funeral?"
"I have always had a problem with being called a house wife. I prefer Unemployed. Retired. Lazy. lol ??"

I am a empty nester, wife, parent, now a grandparent, a friend, a teacher and eclectic..Not necessarily in that order.
I worked when I was capable. And some how I can solve other peoples problems. But not always my own.


Link to awesome detailed photos of Russia's palace's and etc.
Photo from wickpedia
File:Savior on blood from canal.jpg
The church was built between 1883 and 1907 and was officially called the Resurrection of Christ Church (a.k.a. The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood), By looking at the awesome photos in this Link to detailed photos of the church. I had no ideal it was so new. The construction of the church was almost entirely funded by the Imperial family and thousands of private donations.
The church was built on the spot where Emperor Alexander II was assassinated in March 1881 by a group of revolutionaries, who threw a bomb at his royal carriage.
click on photo to see more from wickpedia


Pagan Sphinx said...

What a place. I'd love to visit there one day.

fishing guy said...

Grammy: Very interesting post with a lot of information.
You asked a question about not seeing crows and the answer was DDT in the pesticedes. They are now making a comeback and I see them quite often.

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Grammy! Thanks for dropping by my blog which led me to your blog. Thanks for sharing a short post about my St. Petersburg painting. I am touched by your wonderful compliment. I also enjoyed viewing photos of the Grand Palace and other sight. Actually, I have never visited St. Petersburg and Russia. I painting it because of my sister. It's one of the places I'd dream visiting someday. I will probably cry when I see the actual St. Petersburg cathedral. I spent two years painting this magnificent cathedral and it has a special space in my heart.

Grammy said...

Hi Ebb, This virtual trip touched my soul and made me cry also. I enlarged those photos. The quality of which I have never seen before. They made me search my soul. And wish for an answer to my life.
My writing rambles. As I was in a car accident in which I was hit in the head. I seem to start out on a subject ramble a bit and then try to get back to the point. I thank you for touching my soul so deeply. I wish I could have expressed it better in my post for you. I included the link to your sit embedded in the words. I did no if you noticed.
Thank you for stopping by here also.

Zaroga said...

A wonderful post, Grammy.

I really love the architecture and detail of that church.

The only way I'll ever visit these places is virtually.

Denise said...

Such a nice post.

Gail said...

There are no accidents!
Wonderful analogy.

Wendy said...

Beautiful pics. I didn't know there were so many lovely churchs in Russia.
I love your analogy about putting your negative thoughts on floppy disks and then throwing them away. That's great!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Grammy, You found a gorgeous picture of that church. Look at all of the detail. WOW!!!!! Wouldn't it be nice to see that 'up close and personal'????

How's Jozlyn????

googler said...

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