Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My thoughts on lemons

When I put up the video below.
At first it was to make you laugh, and start your day with joy. But then the more I read your comments and saw your views. This message jumped in my head. I looked at the video as a lesions in life.

We feed on bitterness and learn to except it as part of our life. We feed it to our kids and they follow in our foot steps. When really we have a choice to not eat a lemon. When it comes our way we can just say no.
And choose to make our life sweet.
How do you like my words of wisdom. My brain is finally working on a positive note again. It is good to laugh at the funny faces, Because laughter is healthy for the body, Mind an soul.

Thanks for joining me on my mission to be happy and filled with joy this year. I am winning the battle with winter blues. Like a child I have visions of flowers and composts in my head. Veggies growing in there bed. I have spring fever and yet the wind chill will be below zero tonight. Burr, I not only need a fire in my head but one in the house.As for our mouse. He is on his own. And needs a new home.

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Have a wonderful day and remember to play


Gail said...


Carla said...

HAHAHA! Do you still have your little mice friends? This year I'm focusing on JOY. enJOYing what I have, what I am, where I've been. I think we are on the same path:)

peppylady said...

Lemon you can do a lot with one thing i like is lemon bars.

I have to say feeding on bitterness sometime is partner with one self. But personal I try to get rid of any bitterness I may have but there are times it pretty hard to shake.

But I'm so glad to hear your own a positive note now.

Coffee is on.

white_lilly said...

Thanks Ernie! I love laughter it brings so much joy :)

Rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi Grammy, ho visto che hai cambiato il look al tuo blog, bhe ogni tanto fà bene cambiarsi d'abito...siamo o non siamo donne ?
Un bacio My.- :-)

Denise said...

I love to smile, and laugh.