Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inspirational art

I found these on photo bucket. A place to share web graphics and photos.

I love photos like this. It makes winter disappear in your mind.when you look at this wonderful creation .It wakes up your imagination. I would love to be in the photo. It is like a dream world. But It has to be in Arizona to have smoke in the chimney and flowers around the lake. The only thing that would make this better it to have the waterfall flowing. That would be even more tranquil to look at. I am in awe of how graphics are made to move. I have never learned this skill but would love to. I find it good to have positive happy things around you to make your atmosphere happy or calm. I was thinking wildlife was missing in the photo. But that could be firefly's sparkling on the water.


And this is so cute.
You know there is a bear in there sleeping.
It looks like a magic forest. With filtered light or wind.
Or could it also be fireflies?
These graphics represent every thing I love in the environment. Water, wildlife, nature and a calm beauty. Along with a little bit of fun.


What do these graphics inspire in you?

Have a wonderful day and remember to laugh and play.

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George said...

Your first picture is perfect for Betsy and me -- a fire in the fireplace and a waterfall out front! We couldn't ask for anything more!!

peppylady said...

Both picture are very peaceful but I would like the first one in my living which I would replace my cactus one by the T.V

Coffee is on.

playsdolls said...

Both pictures are beautiful,I like the second one best.It makes me think of fairies and I love faries an gonmes.It looks like a beautiful farie forest.

Gail said...

Beautiful pictures!

Denise said...

Such beautiful pictures.